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Dr. Rende holds a doctorate in Language Teaching and Technology. She has been teaching Italian language and culture since 1994. After teaching at universities in both Canada and the United States, Dr. Rende came to the Istituto in 2004. Integrating multimedia resources with an eclectic teaching methodology, she strives to offer her students an authentic and enjoyable learning experience. 

Dr. Rende believes in lifelong learning:  at any age one can open the door to a new linguistic and cultural adventure.  The bold adventurer succeeds the best. (Ovid)


M. Laura Mosco (Laurea cum Laude, Università La Sapienza, Rome; PhD, University of Toronto) is an Arts and Humanities Teaching Excellence Award winner, and has been teaching Italian culture and language since 2000. In her courses, she motivates students to make the most of their individual learning styles, and expands their Italian experience beyond the classroom with fun cultural activities. Laura enjoys reading, translating, piano playing, singing, traveling, and yoga.


Born and raised in Italy, Stefania holds a Graduate Degree in Political Science from the University of Florence.
In 2006 she worked as an Italian professor assistant for the University of Ottawa, and Carleton University. In 2008 she taught Italian at Brock University. In addition, since 2009, she has been an Italian supply teacher with the York Catholic School Board. 
Stefania has also worked as an Italian TV host and language consultant for Telelatino. She cultivates a passion for art, music, and theater.  


Claudia (M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature) is passionate about languages, because they give people an opportunity to overcome cultural barriers, promoting a happier and more vibrant world; that is why she speaks English, Spanish, and French.

Claudia translates novels, medical documents, and cultural articles. She is also a writer (you can find some of her works on People, Places and Passages: an Anthology of Canadian Writing). She loves swimming, travelling, and Nutella...ing.

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Manuela graduated in “Preservation of Cultural Heritage” at the University of Viterbo and holds the qualification of “Italian teacher to foreigners” from the University of Siena. She has been teaching Italian since 2003 in Europe and Middle East where she lived and taught Italian at International schools, corporations and at the Italian Consulate. Teaching has always been a natural vocation for her and she does it with passion and enthusiasm, both to adults and children.


Luca Marchetti graduated in Law at the Università di Torino and worked several years in multinational companies as a Legal Affairs manager. In 2008 he started his new carrier as a teacher working as an Italian language instructor for the Istituto Italiano di Cultura. In 2011 he received his Bachelor in Education and the certification to teach primary grades in Ontario. The same year he founded a school dedicated to teach Italian to children aged Pre-K to grade 6 which later became Accademia dei Ragazzi. He is also a Latin and Italian teacher at Lycée Français de Toronto.


PhD Student at the Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto. Her major areas of study are Italian, English and German literatures and languages. Current and past teaching experience: Course Instructor at the Department of Italian Studies, University of Toronto. Classes taught during the academic years 2017-18, 2018-19: Italian Language for Beginners. In 2016-17, she received her master’s degree in Modern Languages and Literatures, at the University of Siena.


Letizia has been working as an Italian Teacher at Istituto for nine years.
She graduated in Italian Literature at Università degli studi di Firenze and
she has been working as a journalist for more than fifteen years, in Italy and in Canada. Currently she is a ABD-PhD candidate and a Course Instructor in the Dept. of Italian Studies at University of Toronto.
She is also a mom of two kids.


Elisabetta holds a doctorate in Italian Studies at the University of Toronto. She received her undergraduate degree in Italian Philology in 2012 at the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice, and her Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature in 2014 at the same university. For the last five years she has been working as Instructor at The University of Toronto teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced Italian language courses.


Gianmarco joined the Istituto in 2019. He is a Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto. His research is focused on literature and photography in Italian, English and Latin American literature. He is a Course Instructor at the Department of Italian Studies and a Spanish Teacher Assistant at UofT. Teaching Italian (and languages in general) is one of his greatest passions, together with travelling and cooking.  

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Daniele  is a PhD candidate in the Department of Italian Studies in the University of Toronto where he has taught Italian language courses and history of Italian cinema. Daniele’s research interests focus on Italian postcolonial literature, food studies, and the Italian diaspora. Daniele is also committed to bridging academia and the local community of Italian descent. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Sapienza, University of Rome.